The 91st Musketeers Inspirational Challenge

a writing by William Willis

Hello to all Voicesnet writers,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roy Kneale for his excellent Challenge Title. Roy has a gift and poetry runs through his very soul. Sure, Roy was dismayed at the lack of responses to some wonderful poetry which was so eloquently submitted during his month in charge and I ask all to take a little more time and respond to a poem if you like it. IT MAKES SUCH A DIFFERENCE to the writer and in my opinion to making VN a better place to be.

Maybe it's me but when I see some poems for example having 20 reads and only 1 comment, and that poem has maybe taken quite a while to compose and is obviously of high standard then there is something wrong. Why do people not comment? Answers on a postcard please.

Rant over!

Again, a huge thanks to Roy and on behalf of Voicesnet I wish him all the very best in his ongoing health battles. We are one lucky site having this genius among us.

The Musketeers Inspirational Challenge rolls on to Challenge 91 and it's over the Atlantic Ocean we go again to one of my favourite people and writers on this site. A woman who too has met health struggles head on and comes out fighting every time.

This woman has such a kind and caring nature and it comes through in her excellent poetry.

Ladies and gentlemen of Voicesnet.

The 91st Inspirational Baton Holder is Betty Janko from USA.

Betty has taken the Baton at short notice and I applaud her for this. Let's get into the heart of Betty's chosen title and show what we can do and also take time to comment on the poems written.

Anyone reading this who has never posted a challenge poem before then please give it a go. It opens up a new world of imagination for ones muse and is a most satisfying experience.

We also have a writer from Voicesnet who has never did a challenge before lined up to do Musketeers Challenge 92. I look forward to that also.

So from my humble abode in my beautiful Bonnie Scotland, I say " Betty Janko, give us your title.....we know you will do a great job! And Good Luck. "

On behalf of my brother Musketeers.

Wm. x

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