91st Musketeers Challenge Accepted

a writing by Betty Janko

When William asked me to step in for yet another run I was thinking…to follow Roy will be both an honor and a great challenge in itself! He is certainly one of the most respected and admired poets on VN! His 90th run was much enjoyed by all who took the time to respond. Thank you Roy for inspiring us to reaffirm the many Gifts of Life!

For this 91st run I will challenge you not only with a title, but a gauntlet for our newer members who have not yet found the joy that the Musketeer Challenges bring each month.

When my own muse seems to be asleep on the job I always look forward to the next challenge, for it wakes my little grey cells to rise to the occasion, not only with the title itself but the responses of others who with their interpretations give me another path to follow. That is the purpose of these exercises, so with that I give you:

“Let My Pen Write of the Dreams I Hold Dear!” as a beginning title.
Then as you read and respond to the entries, let them inspire you to then share your own dreams with us in your very special way. It can be long or short, prose or rhyme, any format you choose, just let your pen share some of yourself with us all my friends.

Whether young or old, WE ALL HAVE DREAMS. What are yours?

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