Betty's Challenge and a huge Thank you

a writing by Westly Alexander Shaw

I wanted to take this time to thank Betty for her wonderful writing challenge.
Also for the chance as a writer, to be able to be unique and encourage to do so by Betty.Also for the chance to read other poets on same subject and I enjoyed reading each of her responses and others response's too.
In all of Betty's response's to others, she left each writer sails full, not half full.

I often thought when thinking of Betty, that there is many people out there
who couldn't take what she been through. That God use her in a unique way
to be a blessing to those around her, and to those lucky enough to read her
poems, and know her.

Betty, has discovered contentment from within, and it shows in everything she writes.It destroys jealousy and celebrates the success in others.

Betty, take a bow, I'm clapping for you, and a job well done!

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