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Champ 29.08.2018

What is the meaning of the word that stands out before you here? Perhaps partly depending on the persons eyesight, the quality of the print or film, or was it even a small mistake from wherever the interpretation came? Title holder, star, hero, winner, ace or even maybe, camp, clamp or cramp? Or then, is the word yet complete!

Hosanna meanwhile is a word we love to say in our churches, especially on Palm Sunday. The multitude of Jews and others who gathered as Jesus entered Jerusalem on that day shouted out the word.

But few Christians today know the word’s origin, how the Jews used it in the Old Testament, or why its meaning shifted in the New Testament. Many Christians assume hosanna was always a Jewish word or praise to God. In the King James Old Testament—in Psalm 118:24-26—we read; This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Save now, I beseech Thee, O Lord; O Lord, I beseech Thee, send now prosperity. Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lord! We have blessed you from the house of the Lord.

Or then Psalm 118:24-26 from the Living Bible, we read; This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. O Lord, please help us. Save us. Give us success. Blessed is the one who is coming, the one sent by the Lord. We bless you from the Temple.

The root or formation of the Temple, very close to representing temporal I might add, would represent an urgent cry for help that would, in context, lead to the nation prospering and not being destroyed. Naturally, various versions of the Holy Bible, interpret the meaning using a different transcript. I suppose in a way, representing a class of folk with their homework consisting of, a task to write up of the subject spoken.

The word Christians use today is the Greeks’ creation. They used Greek letters to create the pronunciation of a Hebrew phrase: hoshiya na, meaning “Save, please!” Some sources also reference this phrase as yasha (deliver or save) plus anna or ‘na (to beg or beseech), but the resultant meaning is similar: “Please, I beg you to save us!”

In one sense, it was a desperate cry—much like a drowning person, maybe during their task of their write up, would yell out for rescue. But it was even more than that; it was an oppressed people’s petition for freedom.

It has been during my period of weeks, months or even years of typing out my own version of different stories, a stack of A4 sheets of paper have certainly over the period of time, heaped high so to reach the top. Yet meantime, keeping in mind that, no two people are the same and therefore, we all view things differently.

On the occasions of typing out the words that have been coming to mind, a strain it might have been so to continue on through faith to climb up so to build the intended tower of blogs. All so as to hopefully improve my mental strength, yet is it within the temporal lobe area of the brain and; left or right? I seem to have noticed meanwhile that the short statement of words; ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ would have been of such exceeding value. After all, those of us whom have received the experience would have stated unto all; ‘Believe me, when it is the Lord speaking through you, you have the need to state the words you are being given.’

Apart from that, I would also state that; once the words are flowing forward, then they, without a doubt, certainly are flowing until the message from the Lord has reached its peak. Put it another way, there is to me, no such thing as time! Simple reason naturally, being that, each and every word is being delivered through use of the Holy Spirit, from our Saviour up above in Heaven. For once in tune with the Lord, I would say it is a representation of that being upon a formula 1 track, and having the determination of reaching the finishing line safely! A period of such deep concentration being required against all opponents or otherwise, competitors, all so as to prevent a breakdown, and therefore ending up in the pit. As time would go by, a further step in words would be bringing themselves together as if, forming that picture; remember? A picture that has entered into the particular persons mind through aid of simply marks. Entering so it seems to be, into the right hemisphere of the brain.

It had on numerous occasions back in the days of exploring, examining, restoring, researching or even whilst various members of staff would have been on foot, discussing situations within such haunted caves of the General Hospital, when a response from a variety of Vampire Bats would have come to pass. Blood stains upon so many surface areas of the caves, from where most likely whilst down under, the Hairy Legged Vampire-Bat or otherwise Management Member, would have made any attempt possible to bite back by use of her teeth back during the periods down under. Body parts mostly relating to the female sex, whom it was discovered, were more slow in their ways to respond, would have been left so to collect and build yet higher in number.

Through it being the female sex most likely to be left trailing in behind the male, and certainly through experience of those whom during my period of prospect so to find the consequence, I often found myself facing a female who would appear as if representing the scene of a serpent and would now be in response through use of her tongue. 'It's history!'

Back in my days gone by; ‘Please, I beg you to save us,’ had been a continuous cry from so many unto myself, and all occurring throughout my period of being overworked upon all levels of the NHS, and within so many varying environments. I would have spent so much of my time within whichever building, behaving whilst in search as if; lost in the wilderness. So many of hundreds, if not thousands of medical records to be dealt with, retrieved, captured and explored in the form of paper from file, or otherwise from more recent periods, from off the computer website. So many names that had built on a never-ending list, all in need to regain in ways of health so to build their strength and hopefully recover in such ways also.

Meanwhile, pictures I can say, enter my own mind this day as, I walk round the dwellings of my home viewing scenes of such a variety of arts that have collected over the weeks, months or even years, and the house within, repainted over. Need I state from where it had been a reasonable percentage of the arts now on show within the home, had been in existence before being captured. Captured together with the words this day, now finding their way forward as I survey the wonderous cross.

The east facing wall of the lounge and beside one of so many Chesterfield winged leather arm-chairs, there does appear; a decent size model of the HMS Victory, beyond an altra where, three large existing crosses rest. Each having to them a religious themed colourful candle made to measure. Portsmouth being the place of rest for: The winner Takes It All! All adventures into exceedingly unknown aspects of environments such as a forest house, and areas both above and below standard, had now through both stress and strain, reached its end and come to a close. Those taking part on the search from the beginning, and within the surroundings of such environments had been bitten, burnt and above all, had experienced such close escapes.

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