The 92nd Musketeers Inspirational Challenge

a writing by William Willis

Dear writers of Voicesnet.

On behalf of The Musketeers I want to thank Betty Janko for her wonderful title "Let My Pen Write Of Dreams I Hold Dear." A writers title indeed to grace last Month's Challenge Title 91. Again, the enjoyment was immense and Betty orchestrated it with utmost ease. A third time Baton Holder and may I congratulate you on this feat.

You are truly a treasure to this website dear Betty. Thank you so much yet again..

Onwards our Musketeer Inspirational Challenge rolls and now and again a writer appears from left field who is not too acquainted with The Musketeers Challenge. A few e mails and pointers in the right direction because we believe they are equipped to do it justice are all that is required. This writer hails from Conneticut and has amassed over 90 poems on VN thus far. She is also an accomplished author and watercolourist.

This writer /poetess has also written the paranormal Dreamtime which are still available on Amazon.

On her Facebook profile she writes something that each of us can relate to......"I used to think there was something slightly off about my brain. I was constantly noting things that no one else seemed to care about: "

She is a fascinating person to have on board and I am very impressed by her many watercolor paintings again displayed on her Facebook Pages.

We on VN are in for another brilliant title as I have had the privilege of having a sneak preview!

The 92nd Musketeers Challenge Title will now be orchestrated by USA's Pat Kelbaugh.

Good luck to Pat, from myself on behalf of all writers on this fantastic VN website.

William /|\

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