The 92nd Musketeers Inspirational Challenge -- Love and the Universal Karma

a writing by Pat Kelbaugh

Sincere thanks to Betty Janko for guiding the 91st Musketeers Challenge, and for her inspiring topic, “…Dreams I Hold Dear”. When William suggested that I attempt the 92nd challenge, my first reaction was to think, “Who, me? What makes me think I could ever do as Betty’s doing, and measure up to something like the 92nd Challenge? A worldwide challenge!”

My second reaction was that it would be fun, which for better or worse, overrode the first reaction. So I set about choosing a topic. I almost chose “Dreamtime”. I’m the author of (five, so far) Dreamtime fantasy novels, in which “dreamtime” is a parallel dimension in between our linear-time world and whatever lies Beyond. Finally, I decided no, it’s too similar in title to Challenge 91.

I don’t know about you, but certain activities seem to trigger ideas. When I come up against a wall, creatively speaking, ordinary things like going for a walk or preparing a meal can be depended upon to break through that wall. Finally, one night, in the kitchen, an idea came to me for the 92nd Challenge (and, no, I don’t love cooking). Here it is:

92nd Musketeers Challenge – Love and the Universal Karma

Only love can conquer hate. There is always too much of the latter in this world.

I believe in something I think of as the Universal Karma. That is, whatever we do, whatever we say, whatever we think, gets into the atmosphere around us somehow, and makes our world a better or worse place… some would say, in the eyes of God. I, for one, would say that.

So, send me some love, people! Compose a poem about the power of love. Doesn’t matter what inspires it. For example:

Love of nature;
Love of music;
Love of a newborn child;
or a true friend,
or a faithful dog.
Love of books, or paintings, or dance, or film.

You name it. Write it down in whatever form you like, as a sonnet or haiku, free verse or hip hop, or a form you invent.

And in doing what poets do, perhaps we’ll add a bit of perpetual light to the Universal Karma.

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