Maggie Pollock - Scottish Poetess.

a writing by Denis Barter

For Your Attention..

For those Members of VN who have perhaps wondered as to what has happened to our Dear Scottish Friend and Poetess, Maggie Pollock, whose poetic offerings have been missed for a considerable time, this is just to let you know that - at the present moment - she is slated to go for an operation tomorrow - Tuesday 25th, September, to remove a tumour from her lung. Suposedly ‘benign’ but that has to be proven later. Being a fighter who has had more than her share of woe remains, as always, positive as she makes 'light' of what must be a traumatic time for her and Tam, her husband.

I’m sure that many of us would like to send our prayers and good wishes her way, whilst waiting to hear positive news. She’ll be recuperating in Glasgow Hospital for about a week - provided all goes well? Should I receive any news - either positive or negativew - I will post it here.

Thanks for reading. Rhymer.

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