A Moment Of Madness

a writing by Kenneth Malvyn Clark

We’ve all had them a moment of madness
when we’ve said or done something we
regret and later ponder on our foolishness.
Mine was a beautiful expensive leather
Chesterfield sofa I saw in a show room sale,
I’d always wanted one and in a moment of
madness I bought it, the vanity of my male
ego now satiated I patiently awaited its
delivery, at the time of my madness I had
failed to give it thought that I live in a first
floor flat which has its own front door small
hallway and staircase leading up to the flat.
Those of you who are owners or familiar with
three seater Chesterfield sofas know how bulky
they are, so when delivery day arrived and my
Chesterfield wrapped in its layers of protective
packaging came I was elated, needless to say
that soon evaporated when they couldn’t get
the sofa through the front door no matter how
hard the delivery men tried, again needless to say
I had no option but to tell them to take it back
to the warehouse and I would contact them later.
Not to be deterred it was now time to assess the
situation logically, how do I get my beautiful
expensive Chesterfield upstairs into my flat when
the sofa won’t get through the front door, eureka,
situation instantly solved, take out the double
glazed lounge window slide the sofa up a ladder
then lift it through the opening, what a cunning
plan, I won’t bore you with the details but £250
later the plan worked and I have been resplendent
on my sofa for a good many years now smug in my
audacity, only problem is the sofa will outlive me,
so let’s hope they don’t chop it up to get it out.

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