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a writing by Denis Barter

Hi Y'All, just a short message to let caring Members know that the latest news on the Scottish Poet Maggie Pollock is positive! Now resting at home recuperating well, she is returning to normal daily chores and hobbies, picking up her life again. Tam too is recovering well, though slowly, from his mild stroke, so for once, they have Good News. Speaking with both, they sound and act in a very upbeat manner - always a good sign. The autopsy on the removed tumour has yet to be made, but all signs point to it being a benign - one off - tumour. I'm sure many, as both Pauline and I do - send her Best Wishes for a complete recovery, and no set-backs. If you feel like dropping her an e-mail? I attach her e-mail address here. Thanks for reading. Ciao Pauline and Denis.

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