Give Them A Chance

a writing by Kenneth Malvyn Clark

For some while now I have noticed the addition of many new members to our VN pages, it saddens me to see the fruits of their labours being relegated to the obscurity of ‘ Next Pages ’ without barely a read or a comment. How do we encourage new and aspiring poets if we don’t view their poetry.
There are many “ Established poets ” on this website who over the years have won their spurs and quite rightly so with their compelling poetry, their work now read and commented upon merely because of name and expectation.
I would challenge any poet on our pages ( I include myself ) to deny that on posting our poetry we don’t look forward to receiving comments from our peers. I think it’s time now we all remember that we were also new members and have only grown as poets by the encouragement of fellow writers, so give our new aspiring poets a chance, read their work, you may be surprised.

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