A New Baton Holder for The Musketeers Inspirational Challenge no. 94

a writing by William Willis

Dear writers on Voicesnet.

The 93rd Musketeers Inspirational Challenge has come to an end and on behalf of The Musketeers I want to say a huge thanks to its orchestrator extrordinaire Drsudarsan for his sumptious title of "I too have become a poet at heart because I hear loves sweet note."

Drsudarsan now passes The Covetted Baton to a woman who has been around Voices Net for many years and this will be her frst orchestration of The Challenge.

I think I have only read musings from one writer from Tanzania on this website and I have enjoyed her poetry more than words can say.

She hails from North Indian origin.( frm Lucknow Aligarh)and has traced her roots to Mesopotamian, Iraqi and Arabia. She was as born in West Africa (Nigeria- port hartcort), grew up in South Africa( Swaziland) and now Im currently residing in East Africa (Tanzania). What a heritage and what a story.

She started scribbling poems since the age of 5 and to date states that she is still mesmerised by the world of poetry.

In her own words "Poetry is in my blood my folks say and I am a prolific writer but I enjoy reading poems especially rhythmic rhyming and meaningful."

Without further ado.....The Musketeers Inspirational Challenge Title no. 94 goes to Tanzania and to Zaynub Kamoonpuri.

Over to you Zay and enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is The Musketeers Inspirational Challenge.

William (Athos) /|\

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