The 95th Musketeers Challenge: The Christmas Craze

a writing by Chad Martinez

Greetings and warmest wishes to my Voicesnet community around the World!

It is with the greatest of pleasures and honor that I come to you, my fellow writers, dreamers and peace believers, with the 95th Musketeers Inspirational Challenge. And the muse I have choosen:

"The Christmas Craze"

First off, before introducing a little more about mysyelf and releasing my first poem offering for the 95th Challenge, I would like to give a BIG THANKS and shout-out to Zaynub for her terrific efforts in holding the baton in 94th Musketeers Challenge! Great job to all those who attempted the wishbone, backbone, funny-bone Challenge! Well done friends!

A little on me now,
I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and living in the Foothills of the gorgeous Sandia Mountains along the Rio Grande River Valley. It's a place with great weather, four mild seasons, located in the Desert Southwest region of the United States. New Mexico is known as The Land of Enchantment. But, what New Mexico is really known for is our unique cuisine, a mix of diverse cultures, and amazing Sunsets! Albuquerque is the 32nd largest city (population wise) in the United States. The City is probably best known now for being the hometown of the popular and famous fictional character Walter White on the cable TV show "Breaking Bad."

Enough about where I come from,
There will be more of that Later:)
(In poems I have yet to release)
And without further ado! Good Luck Everyone! Here is my first offering:

The Christmas Craze

Under the Gaze, of the Lord up above,
We all bare witness to the arrival of the Spirit of the dove,
It's Grace comes and is shown in Christmas Love,
All December long we celebrate Peace,
Something we should do every day.

But we don't... We should... But we don't...

Times have changed to a materialistic-craze
Leaving True Believers standing in a Daze.
What was with this new thing, The Christmas Craze?
It was wiping away the True meaning of the Day
Which was that, on this day, Baby Jesus was delivered. The Good News had arrived,
and with it a changing tide which would
sweep across man-kind, Shore to Shore, Continent to Continent, Like a voice from
our maker that it is up to us to
make this Place worth fighting for. Peace,
Lasting, Everlasting Peace between one another was worth it, for the Freedom that comes by ending Tyranny was everyone's Human Right!

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