Key to a Successful Career

a writing by Ernel Saligumba Merano

Key to a Successful Career
by: Ernel Merano

Indeed, one is born from a rich family and other is born from a poor clan. This is the reality that no one could distort nor twist it into denial that both of them need to care their career.
It is true that some individuals are born from a wealthy family, yet, like the poor ones they still encountered the ups and downs in life. However, the rich family has different strives than the poor ones. It is an option for them only to pursue a career or not. For the poor family, poverty is one of the main reasons for their struggle, thus, they need to become successful also to their career in order to uplift and solve their economic status.
So, how to become successful in your career? Here are the keys to a successful career. Check it out!
1. Diligence: It is said that being a man of knowing with efforts is a great asset but believing himself without doing is nonsense. So, with all your efforts and diligence to face the struggles in order to achieve a certain goal directs you to a booming career.
2. Love: If you have the job, then love it! Jobs are just there hanging around loss, but remember that a career should be cared not just only in front of your employer but all the times.
3. Commitment: Before, once we commit to our studies in college, our goal is to finish it with flying colors. Now, you’ve got the job! Assess your commitment to your job whether it is strong or weak. Weak commitment means less opportunity for promotions but strong commitment as noticed by your superior has great chance to increase your salary. No one could recommend an employee if the commitment is not observed!
4. Hope: At first, when our boss hired us for the position we are applying, we are all happy and a little bit worry, right? This worry means a lot because we are just human who is capable of taking mistakes. We will be worried if someday or somehow we’ll be mistaken while we are working our primary tasks. However, this is just normal! We only need to have a Hope for tomorrow is always a brand new day of all the chances to correct on what we have done incorrectly.
In life, we are the master of our fate. We are the one to choose what our lives would become ahead of time. It matters on our decision! Think it over!
How to Win Stress?
Stress may happen when one experiences overused his physical, mental and emotional aspect in his daily struggles. Undeniably speaking, stress can affect one’s job performance every now and then. Before most people who experienced Stress are those who are in a higher position like in the executive and managerial positions, however, there are many studies nowadays who also claimed that Stress can be experienced by everyone as long as he is mental, physically and emotionally shattered.
Well, we have learned that in every problem there is a corresponding solution that would lead us to live a free-Stress world. Here are the 10 simple ways on how to win Stress;
1. Keep away from a person whom you think causes you stress.
2. If a new family lifestyle would push you to stress, simply revert it!
3. If one does bad things to you at home or at work, then, confront him and ask the reasons why.
4. Fix the gap as soon as possible between you and the person that causes you much stress.
5. Accept the reality when you feel that the world is fallen you down, then, learn to forgive.
6. Ask an advice from your most trusted person like your family, friends, and counselors about the things that bother you most.
7. Don’t treat all things too serious, be flexible at all times and relax.
8. Give chance yourself to hang out with your friends and laugh with them.
9. Don’t think too much about your financial problem; instead, find ways to pay all the balances.
10. Lastly, admit everything to heaven, and believe that He will make a way!

No matter what our economic status in this vast world, we people live naturally full of Stress but it matters only the way how we manage it from time to time.
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