December Alliteration.- Hardly a Poem.

a writing by Denis Barter

Depressingly dreary, December’s dismal days, deem delights denied, despite deceptive duplicitous, dreams, displaying delicious details. Despicable dawn’s dew, denies daring discoveries of devious dipsy doodling displays, as dilly dallying. December deliberately deters disconcerted dowagers Diane and Dixie, divulging, details of daughters Daphne and Debbie, disgusting dressing down!

December debates, derail and delay diatribes and discussions daily! Dauntingly despaired, but desperately dedicated, a duo of downcast discriminating dowsers desist dowsing!. Doubtless December’s dark days determine deceitful deviation due to diminishing daily daylight. Disrespectful, dastardly dictators, dictating daytime duties, determine dutiful decadent doormen duffers, deny Dukes and Duchesses, who deem to denigrate and defeat diabolical draconian desperados, dancing disgusting duets! Drowsy doublet dressed delinquent, drunken dray drivers, drinking draughts of draft ale, deliver discarded damaged dresses to dishevelled disrobed Dames, as
determined dim-witted Doctors - divided by dirty dingy drapes - diagnose and dispense dietary drugs, whilst downing drinks during drives down dark divided driveways. Drably dressed, a doyen of dastardly Dentists describe dozens of detailed dentistry disasters, determined by dramatic drivel, to decide if denying dereliction of duties, denigrates distinguished Diviners, debating dirty ditties, during their diurnal dental debut?

Dandelions, distant diffident Daffodils dipping down, disprove dawn’s dampness during dry days. Daisies, Delphiniums, Docks, detest deserted dirty dry and desiccated ditches in downtown Daytona districts, during droughts.

Okay! That’s enough. I’m done!

Denis aka Rhymer. December 31st, 2018.

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