a writing by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Dear VN friends,

I just want to wish you a happy and blessed New Year 2019.

Problems, chaos, conflicts, diseases, accidents will still be part in human life
even if a new year comes and replaces the old one. The law of gravity will forever be there
in our own mortality. Things can go up and things can fall or fall apart. Plants can be planted and they die.There is birth and there is death. We are not immortals. We are finite humans. But there is always a chance for rebirth, a time for renewal, a time for new life.

There is something we have received from Christmas. That is the promise of hope and the promise of joy that will not leave us. It is the promise of light even in darkness. In whatever happens, God is with us. In the Christian faith, this is translated as God`s presence. In Jesus the Emmanuel, this is understood as God is present with us in our midst, in our world in our present and in our future. In other religious faiths, this is translated as the search for meaning in life or the meaning of life. It is receiving light that illuminates, that guides, that changes the ways of doing and thinking.

Let us keep this light, this hope, this joy- this promise of God's eternal presence- as we journey another year in our own life. HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear friends!
Keep on writing. With our pen, let us share this light, this hope, this joy!



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