On Heaven- From the Sermon- When Across the Bridge We Pass.

a writing by Adeosun Olamide Ayo

The greatest lesson we perhaps can learn as Christians will be tested after the end, it would be our final hurdle- and what is most vital is what our choice, our reaction would be- To forget a beloved and mourn not over a foe-acquainted soul damned to the heart of hell, to joy on in heaven, letting the bliss of paradise wash away our memory- or in mourning shall be like our Christ- grieving on a futility, grieving on our loses, their absence, the absence of those like us- who not as filthy as we, who not as immoral, errant, grimy as we- are locked in the gate, in that eternal hell- There will be pleasure in heaven, bliss- but it is in that moment we must bloom our lessons from Christ- the meaning of sacrifice, that we must murmur at their peril, against it. I ask of love- Have we had within us- that love that makes heaven- hell when our loved ones aren’t there- Have we had that love that in the bliss of heaven we see the reflection of hell, that in the joy, we hear the wailings of hell? Now that perhaps is the lesson, the greatest lesson we perhaps can learn as Christians, to be bothered, troubled- until a soul though turbulent, though thorny- is in peace, is let thrive, has a stroke of that innermost compassion- and it is the compassion in us- that would melt the anger of God, that would stroke His thought and art Him at the man He intended. We must as Christians, like Christ- in the piety of glory murmur against hell, that last evil, we must protest the eternal damnation- our friends, neighbors, sisters, husbands, and foes- are doomed. In the end, what is heaven without this people? Heaven comes subjective, heaven can be another hell absent this people, - the knowledge they’re in infernal regions can be hell for us and should be- that some like us in some other perdition are in torment, anguish. We Christians must begin in our godliness, holiness to understand heaven not just as a place of supreme happiness or peace, we must begin to understand what the harbinger of this happiness is- is it our venal victory? Heaven too can be just where we can get to be with our loved ones again- in fine health- and then everything else absent them is hell for us. Thus it would be so that by our lives, purity – their sins are forgiven and they are absolved from hell. And the dearth of this will be our first protest. Only then, have we learnt the greatest lesson- Gods wills for us.

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