Hide and Seek of Happiness and Pain

a writing by Banita Lall

Life,,,a mysterious journey full of joys and sorrows...We all have been through a lot, we are going through a lot and we're sure to face a lot in future..

Somewhere deep down we have accepted the fact that there are some things we could never get in our entire life and that is where destiny comes into play. At times, despite our efforts we are unable to achieve success that adds to our long list of grievances and disappointments.

But does that mean we should stop being happy???

We all want our lives to be equally happy as we pretend it to be on social networking sites..We are so much stressed out with our daily busy routines that even we forget to smile the entire day..But why do we let this happen to ourselves...???

We are the same grown up kids who once used to find happiness in just getting our favorite toffee,,and when we used to get "good" as remarks in our homework notebook by our teachers, we thought ourselves to be a king or queen...That was the true happiness now lost somewhere..The happiness of buying luxurious things can never match the happiness of getting a barbie doll or a remote controlled car..

We have just one life in with a lots of goals to achieve...and the best way to reach the target is by being happy,, spreading happiness all over...as when we were born,,we were crying,,,when we will die,,others will be crying....so why not fill the gap in between with smiles!!!??

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