Into the Forest of Darkness

a writing by Dwayne Leon Rankin

From a short story I just finished writing. it does have poetry interwoven throughout it. if anyone wishes to read it, let me know and I will post the complete story called "The Hero's Quest"

*Chapter One*
It begins with “The Calling”
The snow covered all the land around
Outside of that forest; still dark its ground.
Dark the shadows that lay inside;
The horrors found those shadows hide.

With hardly a touch of freshened breeze;
‘Twas dark and dank within those trees.
With brambled branches set within
To catch the hair on head or chin.

Long and sharp as a warriors spear;
Those thorns; that rip and tear;
They block the trail that winds on through;
Of those that enter; their days are few.

But now one comes, a hero, met;
To enter in, his feet were set.
Upon that trail though dark the way;
Upon that trail he went that day.

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