The 97th Musketeer's Inspirational Challenge

a writing by William Willis

To all writers and readers on Voicesnet, I would like to thank the amazing gentleman who is Richard Gildea for his presentation of THE MUSKETEER'S INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE 96. His title "Every Heart Sings A Song Incomplete, Until.........." Richard as you may or may not know has had some surgery which affected his arm and thus has been typing with one hand only. What a trooper. Hope your recovery is soon dear sire. You have done a wonderful job yet again.

Indeed I have carried the coveted baton twice before and I am very excited about my third time at the helm. We have had some truly outstanding poetry during the previous 96 Challenges! Credit to all who have in any way participated as we near the 100th Challenge.

I have thought long and hard throughout the last few days, wondering what noble words I would conjure up for this month's challenge title. So, as many of you know....I am a huge music fan and my first 2 challenges were indeed based on lyrics from artists who influenced me through my life.

My Inspirational Challenge No.6 was "All Cards Are Marked And All Fates Will Collide" -by The Alarm (A Welsh Rock Band)

My Inspirational Challenge No.63 was "A Working Class Hero Is Something To Be"- by John Lennon.

So being a creature of habit, I have stuck to the same format.

On 31st of December last year the music world lost a singer whose work I greatly admire.


My Dad used to play tapes of the band he sung in when we went family caravanning holidays. I honestly think it was the only tape my Dad had. The band in question are Dr Hook And The Medicine Show. The band originated from Union City, New Jersey, USA and enjoyed most of their success in the 1970-1980s. Their big hits include "Sylvia's Mother", "When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman", and "Sexy Eyes."

RAY SAWYER was one of the lead vocalists of Dr Hook along with founder member Dennis Locorraie. Ray was the kinda wild looking one who wore a black eye patch and cowboy hat. Ray wore the eye patch due to losing an eye in a near fatal road traffic accident in Oregon in 1967.

So with that little bit of history told. Whether you know or don't know the band, I do hope you check them out for nostalgia's sake and as a wee tribute to that late great old road dog RAY SAWYER himself.

Without further ado, I take a line from the Dr Hook hit "More Like The Movies" and present THE MUSKETEER'S 97th INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE with the title ;

"And You'll Go Fly Your Magic Carpet, Far Above The Sky."

A great song with a brilliant chorus line

Please have a listen.

The title will bring many different takes and I am really looking forward to reading all your submissions.

Thank You

William /|\ .

RIP-Ray Sawyer

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