10 years from NOW!!

a writing by Banita Lall

How to answer the question, "where do u see urself after 10 years?" Though the question seems to be simple and the answer might be simpler...

We do not know what the next second will bring for us...but still we dream of a fantasy world for us with an optimistic mindset...deep inside we all have experienced the reality which at times is totally different from our dreams, in worst scenarios completely shattered one!!!
As soon as a child starts going to school, there is a similar question which he has to answer which is related to his aim.

For a while think of a 10 year old child suffering from cancer, how would he dream of his future..or the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki..what would their answers be before 6th aug, 1945, who were unaware of the disastrous future..

Does that mean we should stop dreaming or stop making future plans?? The answer is no because without future plans it is difficult to survive but we should not forget that destiny might have some other plans for us..

We stop living in today worrying about "tomorrow". We have trapped ourselves in a vicious circle and unable to find a way out...We are unable to see the beauty of present, seeing the vision...and this is the reason that we are too busy to be anything but happy,,,

Its time to bring back the happiness, help the children learn how to be happy now, live in the present, because a pleasant present will grow into a joyful and fruitful future!!

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