a writing by Banita Lall

Want to see a magic???

Everything increases with the passage of time, isn’t it??But within a fraction of seconds here is something that will decrease at a faster rate…No, it is not about money but something more valuable than that!!

Of the 7 billion population of the world today,,, hundreds and thousands of people in our friends’ list on various social networking sites,,, of the numerous contact numbers saved in our mobile phones...how many people are actually “friends”? Those whom we can trust, whose name(s) comes first in our mind when we want to share our happy and sad moments…the ones who will never betray us…who we can’t afford to lose…

How many names come to your mind now??

Very few, right....though some fortunate ones might have a longer list.
These "few" are more important to us than all those thousands of people in our "artificial friends’ lists".

But why did this happen???
Something started with hundreds, thousands and billions and suddenly came down to a single digit number…

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