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Thank you one and all Dear Friends and Members of VN.. As you are aware, in recent months I have seldom thanked those members who have commented on my poetry. Several reasons - quite legitimate I assure you. Firstly time is scarce - never thought I'd say that when I neared my nineties, but there is so much I still wish to do before I shake off my mortal coils as Shakespeare, my truly favourite Literary Giant, put it. Secondly and probably the most restrictive and time wasting chore of all, is this year's need for shovelling snow! Nothing changes for I awoke this morning to see we had received yet another dump - our 31st of this winter to date!. This latest storm began with thunder storms and persistent 100 kph plus winds, so there's quite a drifting problem too! Possibly some ice sheets - the temperature has fallen to minus 7 C and will go even lower through the day! Thirdly, as many of you know, I am presently fighting a severe deterioration in my eyesight. Thought to be a cataract in my one 'seeing' eye - the right - it makes life and especially computer work, very slow and labourious. Okay, so enough of feeble excuses. As you would expect, there are good days, bad days and indifferent days. From my view of the outside at 7.30 am - I overslept and running late - I have a four to 6 hour show removal task ahead. Winds are still strong - about 60 kph or a tad more. So my next "Epic" poem is back on hold for now. Fortunately - and I am indeed for I have my Dear wife - Pauline bless her - who is my strength, my Editor and "unforgiving" critic! Lol! She also delights in reading comments from all who respond to my postings! She also gets great pleasure from reading what other Members write too! So you've been warned! Lol. She is the very important and essential reason why? I write and try to stay on top of events and chores as they happen. Once again I thank you - everyone who appreciates and enjoys my puny efforts at trying to write half decent poetry. I am posting this in the Documents section, so that other Members who wonder perhaps why I seldom comment on comments, they make. These Members I also Thank. Please believe me when I say all comments are most pleasing to receive. Thank you most sincerely. Fondest regards and may you enjoy your 'reads' and time spent on VN. I hope I can continue, for some time yet, to place a few more poetic pieces before you. Pauline and Denis aka Rhymer.

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