A Generous CRY!!

a writing by Banita Lall

Sometimes we come across people trapped in situations where they need someone to listen to their sorrows, their thoughts and how life was taking sharp turns unexpectedly and it was being difficult for them to accept it all at that moment of time.

That "someone" might be you...people would like to share their thoughts with you and tell you the dilemmas they were facing at that instant. This feeling gives us a sense of pride in ourselves because not everyone shares anything and everything with every other person. Yes, that makes us feel good, that makes us feel special because people think us to be generous enough to understand their situation...

Let us switch the roles now...those people with whom you were in their tough times suddenly disappeared when it was you who needed someone to support you, to guide you to the right path in your tough situations...nobody is there when you find yourself entangled in the life's hassles and feels everything is messed up,,
no helping hand is there to clean up this mess...where did those people go?

Everybody forgets that you also need someone at times, you also have the same heart which silently cries and nobody is their to wipe out the tears...

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