Chapter Eleven: Rosie’s Parents

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

She quickly returns. Her parents are very tall humans. I wondered if they may be dragons and breathe more fire than I do.
“Fire King, this is my Mum, Rochelle,” Rosie says gesturing to a woman with dark skin and long black hair.
“And this is my second Mum, Sandra,” she says gesturing to a woman with long auburn hair and pale skin.
I think “second Mum,” and I am confused. Then I remember a program about modern families and I can process it properly.
“It’s great to meet you,” Rochelle says.
“I’ve never met a robot before,” Sandra says.
“I’ve never met parents before.”
“We’re all witches,” Rosie says.
“Does that mean you aren’t parents?”
“I guess we are parents with a twist,” Sandra says smirking.

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