Chapter Twelve: The Error Message

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

What is that noise? Where am I? My system is in overload. I cannot process this information.
“Fire King?”
Who on earth is that?
“Fire King?”
Do I need to put my defences up?
“Fire King? It’s Rosie.”
Rosie? Oh the nice girl with witch parents who let me stay in the shed. So I’m in the shed? That doesn’t explain that awful noise.
“Yes I’m here.” She opens the shed door and is carrying a round thing with sticks pointing at numbers. I think humans call them alarm clocks.
“What’s happening?”
“It was my turn to check on you. My parents have been doing it through the night.”
“You met my parents and then suddenly started saying: “Error message.” My Mums had to freeze you to try to reboot you. Since then you have seemed fine.”
“Can’t you remember?”
“Sandra smirking. Scared Fire King. I wanted to defend myself. But Sandra is related to Rosie so I can’t defend myself. I don’t know what to do. And that’s it.”
“She wouldn’t hurt you. She smiles a lot because she gets nervous. It’s how she copes with it.”
“How do you feel now?”
“I am a robot.”
“That does not mean you do not have feelings.”
“Thank you all for helping reboot me. So witches are good with robots?”
“I guess so.”
“And they can re-programme?”
“Can they shape shift robots?”
“I don’t know. We haven’t tried.”
“I’m trying to become the real me.”
“Oh I remember. We can help you.”

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