The Passing Of The Baton. Musketeers Challenge No.98

a writing by William Willis

To all writers on Voicesnet who have participated in any way with regards to Musketeers Inspirational Challenge No97.

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The title " And You Go Ride Your Magic Carpet High Above The Sky" brought fantastic poetry our way and I wholeheartedly enjoyed commenting on each and every poem.

The rock band Dr Hook have been in my thoughts lately since the death of Ray Sawyer and I used this Challenge as a memorial and a thankyou to the band and the wonderful enjoyment they have given me through the years.

It also brought a few Dr Hook fans out of the closet on Voucesnet who have also joined me in singing their praises.

The Inspirational Challenge rolls on to Challenge No. 98 and I am absolutely delighted to have this genius of the freeverse written word at our calling.

He is a well read and absolutely charming individual. He hails from the mean streets of South Africa and he is our very own "man with the hat.'

If you have never read his poetry, then you are missing being entertained. This guy takes us into the nightclubs, bars and places where the devil and his daughter would dare not venture. His poetry is tantalising,moody and his descriptive narratives makes (in my opinion) him one of the best writers on this site.

So, I have painted his canvas, fedora and all. Ladies and Gentlemen of Voicesnet.

The Musketeers present : Conrad Van Den Berg ((SOUTH AFRICA) as new Baton Holder for The Musketeers Challenge Title No 98.

Take it away Conrad.

On behalf of The Musketeers.

Good Luck.

Wm /|\

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