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No Hopers, Jokers & Rogues

"He woke up and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, "Peace! Be still!" Then the wind ceased, and there was a dead calm. He said to them, "Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?" And they were filled with great awe and said to one another, "Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?"

Spring steps in and gardening does begin. My lawn the other day I treated with its first cut down. Although the spring time weather this year over here in Great Britain, seems to have forced its way in much earlier than last year, the growth of my lawn was to remain without a mow for as long as possible. For once cut, it shall be in growth with more of a sharp green, fast until autumn. I was pleased however how my garden did appear once all I had intended to operate upon, had been seen to, for my mind cannot relax until.

The other day when opening my computer onto YouTube, I was greeted with the title; QMC is this the way to Amarillo. I carried on meanwhile opening the title to play whatever it was that had been saved. I was horrified meantime with what I was greeted with. One reference certainly reaching the peak and asking; ‘why is it no longer available?’ Perhaps my style of tune to bring in, yet so it was being stated, all was in aid of making money for the NHS.

If anything had its value to the particular recording, it would have been the variety of scenes so to reckon on the value of the QMC or otherwise; Queens Medical Centre. The particular piece recorded within the corridors of the Nottingham University Hospital where the health of the sick was meant to be under high quality healthcare. One person stated, imagine the consultant on approach onto a ward and unto the sick, each within their bad, whilst behaving in such a manner and such a grin upon his or her face also.

Back in my days with the NHS, it had been noticed that I did not either grin or smirk during my time of operating so to plough on through a pile of letters so to update the computer System One as it is called today. Even if the rest of the office were having such a period of laughter, all through lacking in ways of time so to keep up with their ways of making progress, I myself would proceed and ignore such behaviour.

We have to keep in mind that we are dealing with the unwell and, accuracy would be vital! A warning brought forth back in my early days of employment being to concentrate and , not loose ones way along the path of progress. Occasionally, a letter of one patients folder, would have been discovered within the folder of a totally different patient. Perhaps both having the same name, yet a different date of birth. My latter manager I’m afraid to state, having no knowledge at all of how to deal with the medical information of patients.

Through situations occurring within walls of the NHS, although I must admit, the correct style of tune to have on play would have been a great advantage, my name through lack of laughter, was next on the list of being made redundant. There would have been no hope of a hold back so to continue updating the system so to have all patient referrals at hand and in good order. My title meanwhile, would remain.

It has been since being out of work, four years now, I would insist on being physically active so as to remain mentally active too. As stated previously, today I join a walk group for a country walk in a variety of places not too far out of the way.

A recent message received being of a walk around and through a local nature reserve. I responded fast as, perhaps from such an area of land and water, a few plant cuttings so to add to the decided area of my garden could be uncovered. Similar in ways I suppose, as dealing with medical folders that would have had to be cared for and kept in good order, naturally in case of emergency.

The walk was to commence from a place called Beeston Rylands. Once all had met up, we were to continue onto Beeston Marina. Perhaps not the sound of such an area relating to a nature reserve, yet that was to come. It was as the walk began, we soon came across a bar where naturally, drinks would be being served. One member of our group showed an interest here of stepping within the entrance, yet through aid of further members of the group, was pulled out together with a statement of words; ‘If you step in there, we shall never get you out.’

We continued making progress until reaching the Marina. It was here where those who had the interest, visited the shop of nautical items. Something that caught the attention of all, being navigational accessories. Meanwhile, I had my eye upon a deep blue in colour, sailors woollen jumper. After all, we now all stood beside the confluence of the River Erewash and River Trent. We should today it was decided, switch to the waters. Where we were standing it was noted was 7km by water, southwest of Nottingham city centre.

A delightful warm breeze meanwhile was now being blown in to, where we all stood together in one group. Naturally unto a brain like my own, the names stepping forth to the front of my mind being; Simon Peter, James and John. Well, that would be three of us taken care of. For now the breeze was beginning to pick up, and I was feeling more for the warm sailors jumper I had come across. Perhaps a navigational item was not so desperately required, but it had been through our permitted finance, what the others had taken to more for value of use. Apart from a fair breeze beside the waters edge, where the water of the river lapped against land, it was a bright summers day and, through a variety of ways to navigate, I had been attracted into making further use of the sun.

Once each member of the group through reliance of a map provided, had sorted all of the required map readings, and through aid of a fresh blowing breeze were feeling refreshed, we were prepared to make our next start towards our destination. It was not towards the city centre, but more in the opposite direction so to reach our deserved rest to be received. The Village Hotel being our attraction now on route. One of the group stated his words unto all; ‘Find where it is we are in search of and receive our reward.’

Through now making progress at a decent pace, we were coming across both scenes and sounds of such curiosity. Whilst the wind did blow, the sound of running streams of living water did increase, together with the creek of trees as most if not all did sway. A storm so it did appear was on the approach as we too, made our attack so to advance forward. We were stepping upon such hard and rough ground, so to severely test our stamina, the force from a breeze developed into a breaking wind as all of the group progressed.

From one member unto all, came the message that a song should be sung, all so as aid to guide us on. ‘No hopers hey. We’re on the road to no where, let’s find out where it goes!’ Meanwhile, as we all progressed on leaving all scenes of the river behind, a large enough lake appeared beside us all. We were confident that although things were now so tough, we would continue on and make it to the other side. We noticed as we walked beside the lake, again lapping against the land, scenes of the water was rough.

I myself being so confident that, should members higher up the scale of the NHS have been brought forth so to compete, they would have had to have given up way back, therefore not making progress onto the other side of the waters. In a variety of ways, things had certainly built up so to bring forth a storm, yet, we were now approaching home as what was now close ahead of us all, were scenes of The Village Hotel, we had made it home.

After all, we have the faith that our Saviour Jesus is by our side. Although perhaps feeling the stress and strain of being over worked during the walk, we each signed the book upon the reception desk of where we were to rest for the night. Meanwhile, our next destination, being the bar for a few rounds of alcohol. We sat round a table and so to build our strength up again, without presence of the NHS, settled for a song; ‘No Hopers, Jokers And Rogues.’

It was during our singing mind-you, we were approached by a bloke from the NHS who came up to us. Christ odd, for all went silent and still as he informed us quite plainly;

‘Who is this; The bottom line is; you’ve got a unique sound. We believe, we can help you get a film released by a major label. Simply sign here on the dotted line! You can be sure it will not go astray as we ‘raise a glass to all things past.’’

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