Life changing WORDS

a writing by Banita Lall

We all could have been what we actually wanted to become but certainly that’s not..why??It happened because of the four words…

Guess what these words are?
Are those words failure, rejection, disapproval or defeat…??

Well, that’s certainly not.. These failures would not have affected us much and these mere words don’t have the power to stop us from achieving our goals because our determination is far stronger than such monotonous words. Then what is it actually?

Here the real culprit is..the four words “WHAT WILL SOCIETY SAY?”

We leave our aims in between or stop ourselves from reaching our destination,, the “real” destination that would have resulted in happiness and self-satisfaction without measuring it in terms of money, fame or social stigmas attached.

Imagine how contented we would have been if we had actually chosen the path that we wanted to without giving it any second thought especially the factor “society”. Just because of some people we let ourselves do what we don’t want to and portray ourselves as someone that we actually are not. We let the control of the steering wheels of our self customized life cars in the hands of others who are unaware of its know about. The irony is that these “professional drivers” have themselves met with many accidents and still training us to drive “our life cars”. Why we learn from such “untrained trainers”?

Remember that people have always something to say, good or bad. We only live once, so why stop ourselves from doing what we want, not what “they” want..

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