Thank you Conrad

a writing by William Willis

On behalf of all the writers on Voicesnet who take part in The Inspirational Challenge Titles, I would like to thank the amazing Conrad Van Den Bergh for the orchestration of Challenge No.98.

Again, another Challenge was set from the wonderful South African in the shape of "For There Are Many Great Deeds Done In The Small Struggles Of Life" and the many writers of VN did the title proud.Conrad, you have been exemplary in your commentary and always keen to point out the goodness from each poem submitted.

We are enriched by your continual involvement on Voicesnet and I thank you again.

The Musketeers Baton is now ready for passing and we are there will be another treat served up here very shortly.

We have recruited a writer who has already done a Challenge Title some time ago and it was a joy seeing his/hers commentary flow.

As ever The Musketeers will ride alongside the selected writer. The plaudits and introduction to who the Musketeers Inspirational Title Holder No 99 Will be ......Will indeed be done by Conrad later on today.

Thanks again to Conrad on behalf of all who participate and for those who don't them please join in, it's just for fun.

Kind Regards

William /|\

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