Passing of the baton: 99th Musketeer's Inspirational Challenge title

a writing by Conrad Kruger van den Bergh

Dear friends, fellow poets, writers and Musketeers!

What a great honour it is was for me to once again be the baton holder; this time for the 98th Musketeers Inspiration Challenge. And what a great one it was! Sadly, the baton now leaves the shores of my beloved South Africa for far, distant lands.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the poets, writers and comment contributors who contributed in so many ways towards the 98th challenge. Thank you to every one! From the very beginning I knew the title would be challenging, but the final results were outstanding!

From nearly every corner of the world the poems, comments and contributions rolled in. It was spectacular! The poems were of extreme high quality. I was amazed to see the different ways in which all the poets approached the title. Every single poem and contribution made for great reading. And yes, I for one would dare to say that all the greatest writers in the world are indeed right here in the VoicesNet community! We have indeed become a glorious guild of poets, writers and philosophers!

Once again I would like to thank the noble Musketeers for having faith in me and who deemed me worthy enough to hold our most honourable baton. Thank you Musketeers! And a special thank you to Sir William Willis (Scotland) who has done so much behind the scenes to make my run possible. Thank you William!!! It is really much appreciated!

For the 99th Musketeer Inspirational Challenge, the baton now returns to a land which lies far to the north. And in this far northern land there is an outstanding poet and writer! One who’s enormous contribution to our noble writers’ guild and society can never be underestimated. His sonnets and writings contain immense beauty and depth. Sometimes stark realism. Other times, a flair of the most beautiful imaginings which leaves the heart in gentle awe. Sometimes he shares with us a soft pen; and other times, powerful ink. In his words we find passion and the deep observation of all that is around, which can only be done by the keen eye of the poet.

And without any further delay! Ladies and gentlemen, Musketeers, fellow poets, writers, philosophers and dear friends from every corner of the Earth! I present to you the baton holder for the 99th Musketeer Inspirational Challenge…!

!!!************ John Starks (USA) **************!!!

Congratulations John! May it be a great 99th challenge run and I am looking immensely forward to the title and also to reading all the poems and contributions in the next few weeks!

Once again, thank you to the Musketeers, who's hard work behind the scenes always makes our challenge titles possible! And thank you to every single one of our poet friends!

Warm regards my beloved poets and friends! From the most southern tip of Africa!

Conrad Kruger van den Bergh
(7 April, 2019)

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