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a writing by Paul Butters

Here is an extract from an email I sent today to my friend Simon Hudson:

“As you say, the world is evil, corrupt, war-torn, full of crime and drugs, poverty and so on. But what can we do about it? It's People!!! How do we change them? Before the advent of modern science, the powers that be could SCARE them into submission with RELIGIOUS BELIEFS of Hell and "bottomless perdition" (Milton) etc. But that has gone now. Just about.

All I can suggest is that we need to RE-EDUCATE them somehow. Get rid of this selfish, dog eat dog, MONEY driven, go getter "Culture" or whatever and replace it with "Lifism", "Humanism", compassion, Love.... I feel more poems coming on!

Maybe we need a "World Government" to sort out poverty, war, crime etc. - but it will have to be BENEVOLENT, and that's a hard thing to establish. The Russian Communists etc. tried this but somehow the inner "Capitalists" took over (as depicted by George Orwell in "Animal Farm" and then taken further in "!984").

So how do we change those evil Mindsets??? That is the question. "Educate" somehow. But how???

My "Emotional Discipline" thoughts are about AVOIDING feeling Fear, Anger, Hate and other Negative Emotions. Such feelings come from the primitive RATS within us. We are geared up to survive PHYSICAL threats from predators or enemies, but modern life is about more sophisticated "threats" so those olde emotions are dysfunctional now. Funny enough "rats" feature in 1984! We have to be cool and rational nowadays...”

Nuff Said.

Paul Butters

© PB 9\4\2019.

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