Chapter Thirteen: Fired

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter Thirteen: Fired
Rosie decides that I should talk to Sandra so she goes away and returns sometime later with Sandra.
“Hi,” Sandra says.
“Hello,” I reply.
“Apologies for startling you before,” Sandra says.
“I did not understand.”
“I’m just quite a nervous person. Then I got fired and came home and later met a robot. I became a bit more nervous than usual.”
“Fired? Like a gun?” I ask.
“No, fired as in I lost my job.”
“Oh I’m sorry Sandra,” Rosie says hugging her.
“Why are you sorry? Did you fire her?” I ask.
“No it’s just what people say,” Rosie informs me.
“Witches have jobs?” I ask.
“Sometimes. We like to appear normal so people do not know we are witches,” Sandra says.
“It’s like you hiding from humans. But witches instead try to blend,” Rosie says.
“I understand,” I say.
Rosie looks at me as if expecting me to say something.
“I’m sorry you lost your job. Can robots say that?
“It’s OK. I will find a company that does not go bust next time. Bust means runs out of money.”
“That sounds like a logical idea,” I reply.
Sandra does the smirk again but I do not send out an error message.

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