Chapter Fourteen: Family

a writing by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw

Chapter Fourteen: Family
Sandra and Rosie decide to call a meeting so they bring Rochelle.
“So we’re having a family meeting?” Rochelle asks.
“Family?” I ask.
“Yes. You’re part of our family,” Rosie says.
“I’ve never had a family before,” I say.
“Well lets just say we’ve adopted you,” Sandra says.
“I’m happy with that,” Rochelle says.
“What’s the agenda?” I ask.
“I’m not too sure myself,” Rochelle says.
“Well its to make Fire King feel at ease so he does not send an Error Message again,” Rosie says.
“I’m not Fire King or a he,” I say.
“That’s another point. We need to help you find your true form,” Rosie says.
“Can you do that?” I ask.
“Er…” Sandra says.
“We will try our best,” Rochelle says.
“And I will try my best to be a good family robot,” I say.
There’s a pause then Sandra and the others laugh. It looks like a happy scene from TV shows I have watched.

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