Father I Hope to see you in Heaven

a writing by Mike DeVincenzi

He hides his sorrows from the world, crying to himself much of the time after his father’s death. He believes in Heaven and the Lord, yet: one doesn’t know, one can only believe in Heaven. He wonders if he will see his father again in Heaven.

Heaven, that is where my Dad is, he can’t be all the way gone. His life would mean nothing if his father’s soul disappeared after his death. If there was no connection between this life and the next, then what would this life be a temporary experience, a meaningless experience.

He was thankful that his father lived so many years, that is his life’s blessing. Moreover, he is thankful that he told his father that he is the most important thing in his life before his passing.

He wishes he had done things better for his father, and that he would have taken a trade instead of going to college, which never seemed to bring him the better employment like it did others. He wishes that he would have married, but never had much money and he was always an introverted person, compared to his father who is very gregarious person.

At least he stayed near his father, living near him and his mother. He shouldn’t have any regrets. He was always there for his father, and his father was always there for him.

He eats with his mother a few nights a week, and he remembers the days after his father’s death when he couldn’t eat. The sunshine of our lives is gone, my father was always bright and happy and enthusiastic about life.

He told his father that he would probably cry everyday for the rest of his life upon his passing, and that is turning out to be true. Out of the blue he would start crying, until his tear ducts went dry…

Although he took an appreciation for his father and loved him, He realizes that people always take things for granted. We never know what we have until we lose it, a line that John Lennon coined.

Tears don’t bring people back, but they come quite easily to him these days. One doesn’t want to accept the death of a loved one.
He hears what people say: that his father lived longer than most, and he did appreciate that, but he wanted his father longer, he wanted him every day.

His sister says that she will never recover from their father’s death, and that is probably true, He didn’t think about all the people who are older and who are sad because the death of a parent, most people in their later years are probably in that position.

In Heaven will I see you father? I think if someone tells me I wouldn’t see him, I would not have a reason to live.

He could just move on with his life, for he had a 62-year relationship with his father,but he would have to; his father was everything to him. His father will always be there with him, always in his heart.

He wants to do what he and his father talked about for him, for he had to move away from their hometown for the prices were way too high. They say that 90 percent of men die 50 miles from where they were born, and that fits my father case. His father loved people and the city them were born in, he wouldn’t have lived anywhere else.

He wonders why the Lord created us in darkness so we don’t know if we will see are loved ones again. Why not make Heaven a part of our reality, instead of something we believe in; then we would know that we will see our loved ones again, but we don’t know and can only believe, that is our reality.

He has to believe in heaven, he had no choice. With his father gone belief became essential to his happiness; for he could not be happy if would never again see his father.

It is something we must all go thru, the death of a parent. His father, however, was his best friend too.

He will be sad and happy at the same time when he thinks about his father. Sad that he is gone, and happy that the Lord sent him the best father anyone could ever have. He thanks the Lord for giving him his father every day of his life.

He believes, which is all he can do if he wants to see his father again; that is what perpetuates him. If his belief is wrong he will never know, for he will experience nothingness upon his death. Accordingly, he must believe in Heaven if he wants to have any peace and happiness in his remaining years.

Father I hope to see you in Heaven. Thank you for being such a great father and for caring about me so much. I will always love you....

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