Living A Virtuous LIfe

a writing by Mike DeVincenzi

With all things changing all the time; people need to have a rock to base their lives, we need stability. Being virtuous helps you to find stability and long term happiness. Troubles can be minimized by following the rules and living a rightly, and a happier life can be had by this process.

Realize that we are all God’s children and spiritually we are of one family, a happy family as far as the Lord sees it. The Lord doesn’t like it when we fight, just like parents do not like it when their children fight, but it happens and being virtuous is a way to find peace with so many wills wanting to do their own thing.
to avoid conflicts.

Honestly is important in finding peace; for when we are dishonest we get caught in our web of lies, which is not a stable position to live life from. Internally we must be honest with ourselves, but our egos lie to us, and we sometimes see ourselves in the limelight when we are not, achieving goals that are not real. We must find an objectives suitable to us as individuals.

A virtuous person should not be pushed into to reacting, for it takes time to figure out a virtuous response to secular activity, which is a complex mix of good and evil. A calm approach to conflicts things and do things for the collective good.

Long term happiness and short term happiness are to different things: what may satisfy temporarily may not satisfy us in the long run. Our tastes changes, and there is no account in for them anyway- so it is hard to go by your tastes; it is better to go by what is right.

If your object is peace then you must wave your white flag at times; you have to relent even if you are right with some people who are so terribly stubborn; let them have their way for now, and see what tomorrow has to bring. Turning your cheek is a lot less trouble than stupidity responding to difficulties and ending up in trouble.

A virtuous person must stand aloof from the secular world because people like to bring others into a fight, especially if they are good at fighting. The secular world is always in conflict and always will be, that cannot be changed; accordingly, a virtuous person must remove himself from the secular equation at times.

Act nobly if you want to be treated nobly, no matter what your circumstances are. If you act like an animal, then you should be treated like an animal. Maintain high standards and in the long run you will be happier in life.

Accept conflict as the norm, and try to better that and realize peace as much as possible. We all have our own wills, and absolute peace cannot be found in the flesh; therefore, the solutions to our problems need to sought continuously, and if you want to be virtuous your process is more complex, but it is worth for your long term happiness.

Out of anger do nothing, rationalize and find peaceful solutions, which in the long term that will make you a happier person. Different people find happiness in different ways, some find happiness in conflict and some do not. Look at people individually to see what type they are and adjust yourself to them, and realize that they are some people that you will never have peace with. Peace must be found in order to have a stable life that we all need, that is your challenge that you must accept.

Believe in Heaven and a of equalization when people will get their just reward or penalties for their behaviors in this life. The meek will inherit the Earth, and the hero’s we have in Heaven may be different than the ones we had in the flesh.

Respect is fundamental if you are wanting to be a virtuous person. Hold others in high esteem and they treat you that way in return if they are fair minded people. Even if your circumstances are less than average try to be admirable in your ways and better things will happen to in the long run.

Finally, believe in Heaven: which means believe that the Lord will make things right in the end for those who truly tried to do right, for He knows your heart and in the long run He won’t forsake you, He just wants to be appreciated, and that is why we live this life to show the Lord, who we lost in the last age, that we need Him and love Him. A virtuous life gives us the patience to get thru this life, the respect for others to satisfy all people wills, and the tolerance to accept different people point of view.

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