He Decides to Buy an Ukulele

a writing by Mike DeVincenzi

Time marched on but he didn’t care and everyday seems the same. Life didn’t seem to interest him; for he is the type to want adventure and he didn’t have it.

Everyone seems to have a comment about him, and he didn’t like that; he thinks people should keep their opinions to themselves, which is probable true, but what happens in practice and theory are two different things.

How could he add spice to his life and make life more interesting? How could he be at peace?

His sees the same old friend who says the same old thing every Friday. In fact, he eats the same dish every time..

He would like to advance time, to the time he will go to Heaven, out of sheer boredom.

He wonders what he should do?

He decides to buy an ukulele, to make him very happy, and to occupy and challenge him to learn new things.

People want him worrying about everything, endlessly; about the things that he couldn't do right. He tires of it all, and forces himself to stop caring what everybody thinks. Everybody is in competition with him, and they jab away with their aggressiveness.
But that was bullshit to him now, for he had an ukulele to play and that is all that matters to him.

The past and all the sharp things people said melt into to nothingness as he plays on. The complicated theories that didn’t work in practicality, most of the time, are not a concern going forward because now he has an ukulele that keeps him busy.

He realizes, the things people say to him get stuck in his mind because his mind is not active enough, and that he shouldn’t take on every competitor’s words seriously.

He thinks it his duty to listen to everyone’s comments; that is because he is a nice person, a person who want to do the right thing.

Why are the waters of this life so muddy; it’s a wonder any one could see anything enough to say anything. Why is life so convoluted, why can’t people be honest; why are lies preferred over the truth? Because personal gain is more important that life’s virtues, he thinks.

Their egos dictate their actions, and are more important to them than my peace of mind, he figures. Why should he care then. He cares about too many things. He didn’t want any harm to come to anybody, but they are hurting him, why should he hurt himself?

He doesn’t understand why people are being mean, he is not a competitive soul, he isn’t going to take anything away from them, but they don’t know that. People and their games are driving him mad.

He doesn’t care about money and he wants to have peace with the world, but he doesn’t not know what he is asking; actually he asking to change the world and that is not easily done, if ever done. He tires of people egos, but he must accept things, for that is the way it is.

Why do these people have these hard realities in their minds; why don’t they buy an ukulele and start enjoying life, he doesn’t understand. He wants to be free of the hard realities, like the news, for example. Why don’t’ people want others to feel free, why burden them what their opinions.

Everyone is different, and what fuels one person kills another People create problems to weed out the people because they have too many people in their lives, he thinks.

Let time march on, and as it does he will be playing on, instead of feeling bored and uptight about all things that he can’t do perfectly. He shall be playing, happy and looking forward to the remainder of his life.

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