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On behalf of The Musketeers I want to say a hearty "THANK YOU " to our master sonneteer who is JOHN STARKS (USA). Over the last month John has been utterly fantastic in his orchestration of THE MUSKETEERS 99th INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE.

In his challenging challenge John gave three options and they were-

1) Diversity and 'Common Law'
2) Diversity
3) 'Common Law'

I for one enjoyed his tenure and also the way he has clinically commented on each poem presented. Is it not a privilege having one of such a standing commenting on our poetry?

In my view JOHN is a legend on here and without doubt is the best wordsmith I have ever encountered. A huge thanks again to you sir, for praising the writers on Voices Net and on behalf of them all, I say that it is greatly appreciated.

The Inspirational Challenge now rolls on to number 100. Who would have thought that we, the poets/poetesses of Voices Net could have kept this going all this time. Every continent on Earth apart from South America has been acquainted with The Baton and we should all, (every single one of us) who has made any contribution to these Challenges pat yourselves on the back.


The 100th Challenge will be a celebration of the poetry of the brilliant Voices Net poet ROY DOUGLAS KNEALE.

The formatting for this 100th Challenge is still to be completed and due to a few prominent people having health problems at the moment, the 100th Challenge will be delayed for around a fortnights time.

In that time many writers from Voicesnet will be contacted by Poem Mail to select their favourite ROY KNEALE poem and then the formatting for THE MUSKETEERS INSPIRATIONAL CHALLENGE No100 will begin.

Further updates will follow but please check your POEM MAIL and submit your favourite ROY KNEALE POEM to myself.

Kind Regards


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