The 99th Musketeers Challenge Title Closeout!

a writing by John Starks

Greetings To All: Musketeers, Chief Commentators, Stalwarts, Poets, Poetesses, Readers, Etc.

One of my greatest joys has been to serve you in this capacity. A capacity for which (though poorly trained) has been strained to the uttermost, as I, attempting to make it easy on myself, ended up working much harder than anticipated, owing (of course) to your erudite and intelligent contributions. It served me well for trying to 'get over'. Let be known that VN poets and poetesses are ready, for no challenge is too arduous. I thank all who participated in the myriad manners that make this experience what it is. You gave me much pause for thought, cogitation, meditation, and contemplation. I trust that you found pleasure and the opportunity to reflect. I further trust that who you are is more than who you were, if not by change, then by some increase in the good that you represent. You as poets shape the world. You have made it better by what you have done. People copy poems they like. We know not where our poems, the 'children of our spirits', are. In gratitude for all the great work that you have done, I, thinking of the respective roles that we played, penned this poem in conclusion.

Initial Musings on The 99th Musketeers Challenge Title

I did attempt, who (oft behind the curve)
Did go, unwittingly, a bit astray
As I (who'd get it right) at times did swerve
As skill proved what shortcomings would betray.
Perhaps, in time, I'll reach a greater height
And proffer (at that level) what is meet,
E'en what would prove a boon or pure delight
To those reviewed, whose poetry proved sweet.
But WE, like pros, hell-bent to write and grow
Shall (on tomorrow) reach a higher place
As we (transcending limits) come to know
Far more how Beauty may be graced by grace.

Till then, no fear or failure shall preempt
The promise in the womb of each attempt!

John Starks penned 05/07/2019

Thanks again and I encourage you to participate in Challenge 100. Roy Douglas Kneale is not only a very great poet, worth of emulation, he took time to help and encourage so many poets on VN. His work is a joy to read. It is poignant, often personal, and reflective of profound insight into the human experience. Your friend and fellow poet, John.

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