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Challenge 500 words

James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Statements to be used:

1. In the doorway stood a very familiar figure
2. Our neighbours will be the death of us
3. Over the years I’ve probably picked it up dozens of times, and probably put it back again too

It would always have been my intention to set off for work early each morning. One reason being so to hopefully miss the rush hour, and also, so to reach my destination in good time. To be the first to arrive and walk therefore into an empty office, naturally, I would have been greeted by silence that I myself would have so much adored. From the very start of my daily work period, before my hours were due to commence in-fact, I would have been getting on in ways of making progress through being so eager to see the work done.

On this occasion as I arrived at the main entrance into the NHS building, the receptionist had just arrived ahead of me as in the doorway stood a very familiar figure. I managed however to force my way in and past so to move on and reach my office entrance without being chased by the beast. It was at this stage of opening the office door so to step in, there before me stood a scene that was a surprise. Upon the floor beside my desk, lay an abandoned heavy stack of medical folders which it was so clear to observe, was in desperate need of attention.

All were to be filed back within the appropriate filing rack and of course, in strict numerical or alphabetical order. It was plain to observe that my manager, harsh at times, was now getting to know me, although would on occasions, be cautious through lack of knowledge, as to the reason why I would be looking into what she would always have viewed to be; strictly confidential information.

Yes, there would have been a need of deep concentration, simply so to be positive of each folder. The heavy batch after transferring onto my desk, it was clear to detect, was not in any order at all. There I had it, a further task to be dealt with and not to be distracted whilst all other available desks within the office stood silent and still. Otherwise, office members or put another way, our neighbours will be the death of us being the statement of words now passing through my mind.

I had the need to make haste and nose into patient folders now spread out upon every empty desk. Was it a current folder, non-current or perhaps deceased! An urgent move was frantically required so to have all dealt with before further members of the squad began walking in over the line or otherwise, through the door. All went smoothly and in little time through no disturbance, all had been sorted back into strict numerical or alphabetical order and were now ready to be moved on so to be filed into the correct rack, within the correct bay.

Anxious efforts had to be made so as for the sake of perhaps; A+E or a secretary or a clerical or administrative member of staff who simply may have one particular request that had been filed on that very day. You know, over the years I’ve probably picked it up dozens of times, and probably put it back again too.

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