The Musketeers Inspirational Challenge (Baton Change Notice) #100

a writing by Richard Gildea

(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event)

Hello dear friends, we can scarcely believe having already arrived at such a milestone as this!

The Musketeers 'Centenary' Inspirational Challenge is now at hand!

To mark such an august occasion, the decision has been taken to dedicate our 100th Anniversary Challenge to VN's very own Bard (and mentor to many on this wonderful site) - Mr Roy Douglas Kneale (RDK).

It may be of interest and probably no surprise to know that our good friend hails from a Noble Family background, being the direct descendant of a true Knight of the realm.
It is therefore fitting that 'Sir Roy' (as Knighted by his VN peers) is being so honoured this day.

As also befits this 'Liege Lord' to his Musketeers, 'Sir Roy' stands alone as one who is more than worthy to be counted among the great literary Giants of our age (or indeed of any age).
It is an ongoing privilege to have been exposed to such works as held within Roy's wonderful Library collection
(Many of us having been inspired to much greater heights in the reading of).

Whilst wielding his 'Golden Quill' for the benefit of all, Roy not only entertains, but also teaches by example.
It is no exaggeration to say that prior to the advent of 'Google' search, many a reader at first struggled with our friend's propensity for using 'Olde English' by way of expression.:)

Now we are all familiar with the thee, thy and thou of it, but not necessarily in the correct order of usage.
Another well known Bard of the same ilk would no doubt despair at some of our initial efforts.:)

My Brother Musketeers and I have received several favourite "picks" from Roy's collection of works (as chosen by his VN friends).
It is our intention to 'Run' the Centenary Challenge over a period of two months, this should allow a reasonable timeframe in which to respond to each chosen title.
Said Poems will be published in full (as penned by Roy) and we look forward to the usual variety of 'takes' from our extended Family VN.
It may also be appropriate to add a short response to Roy's original work.

This 'Musketeers Challenge' is intended to be both a Tribute and Celebration of Roy's undoubted talent as a Poet; a belated thank you (if you will) for the wisdom he has so readily shared with all on the site.

It is also appropriate at this juncture to add our heartfelt thanks to -"JJ's" Family - for their continued support of 'The Challenge' and for the huge personal investment they have made in terms of time etc.

"JJ" is held in our Prayers!

Regards from The Musketeers - Keith, William, Richard & Eddie (Porthos, Athos, Aramis & d'Artagnan) - Loyal Men-at-Arms to our Liege Lord, Sir Roy (AFOAOFA).

The launch date is scheduled for Sunday 19th May 2019, but I can't wait any longer.:)


Quills at the ready : -

The first of our poems was submitted by Roy's own beloved Son.
We can see why it means so much to Ralph on a personal level.
(There was an adorable picture attached of Ralph as a young boy with his doting Father).
Sadly we are unable to copy over the pic onto the site.

"A Daddy's Love"

In the still of a frosty morning
Midst a market-town's noontime rush
At the gentle approach of evening
As dusk spreads its shadowy hush
Hearing the wild sounds of nature
Each countryside vista you see
All leafy-strewn paths gladly treading
I would you were sharing with me.

Whatever road your feet may follow
On smooth-laid or rough-hewn terrain
In moments of triumph or sorrow
Through hours of warm sunshine or rain
Spring, summer, autumn and winter
Wherever you wander worldwide
Tho I may be absent in body
In spirit I'm there at your side.

The second poem chosen was selected by two legendary members of VN - 'Miss Nancy Nature' & the irrepressible 'Rhymer' - (aka Nancy Crossland (USA) & Denis Barter esq. (Canada) - Enjoy!


a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

I walked a path, with thoughts forlorn
deep held, one early yester-morn
and as I trod my lonely way,
'neath lowering skies and clouds (thick, grey)
high-up above my head there rang
a blackbird's song – as loud he sang.

My head held back (to upward peek)
I watched the creature's trilling beak,
as bravely welcomed (he) the dawn -
as yet another day was born.
Like (as was) I who walked alone,
'twas plain that bird had agèd grown
and perched (high on his leaf-bare bough)
upon a tree that graced the slough;
with spirit primal, cheerful, free;
cast contrast on the gloom in me.
Damp-feathered, sought he to dispel
my loneliness? I ne'er didst tell;
then too engrossed, black pondering;
since which I'm oft-times wondering -

IF all my Loves (yet tender-year-ed)
had yestermorn (to me) appeared;
each with (erstwhile) affection burning;
o'ercast skies to brightness turning –
Would not that blackbird's sunrise greet
(to me) have sounded e'en more sweet?
RDK. Cat. No. G412.

More poems will follow over the next few days for your perusal.

(Please note this is not a VN sponsored event)

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