Musketeers Challenge #100 (update) 2 more Poems from Roy's Library No's 3 & 4

a writing by Richard Gildea

Hello All,
Here we have two more "favourite" poems as chosen by our good friends Betty Janko (USA) and Kenneth Clark (UK) from Roy's wonderful library of work. Enjoy!
We look forward to the various takes inspired by your Muse
The Musketeers.

Betty's choice


a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

Down thru the ages Poets have
‘The voice of all souls’ been;
Remembering the times
when skies were blue and grass was green:

“If ever I must sing
as Poets have” (in days gone by)
‘Twill be songs of romantic joy
ere I to my grave hie:

My poems are dedicated to
true lovers throughout time,
To all the wond'rous sharing
of sheer ecstasy sublime,
To hearts that wildly flutter
midst the joys of close embrace,
To every lasting memory
of each beloved face,
To those who with another
in surrender seek to show
the deepest felt affection
anyone can ever know:

To sweet romantic bridges
between islands – forged by Fate;
To YOU – who chose to walk on mine,
My poems I dedicate.

Kenneth's choice


a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

Life is empty
The end of day a dread
And the night
A blanket of loneliness.
The knot within my stomach
Has become a leaden weight
And my heart
Knows only heaviness.
A smile becomes hypocrisy
And in my mind
The desperate thought –
“There is no you”.

At this time
(A timeless age ago)
There stretched before me – Oh!
So many hours -
When every glance held promised bliss.
At this time
(A mere yesterday ago)
There had not been
The tenderness
Of our first kiss.
At this time
(A wisp of time ago!)
I could not miss
The softness of your touch –
But now I do.

How cruel the paths of life can prove
To those who must stumble down their ways
Searching for someone
With whom to share
An eternity of loving.
How strange the paths of life
How strange indeed the path
Which ended in your embrace
Your tender smiling face
One reason more for living.
How long the paths of life
When needs be I must tread alone
My lonely way
In anguish ever dreaming
Of your caress.

Oh dearest one!
If you but knew the depth of my despair
And deep distress
For – Suddenly
Life is empty
The end of day a dread
And the night –
OH! How the night will be to me
A blanket of loneliness – now –
There is no you.


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