The Musketeers Challenge #100 - (further update) 2 more Poems from Roy's Library No's 5 & 6

a writing by Richard Gildea

Hello All,
Here we have two more "favourite" poems as chosen by our good friends Rita Singh (India) & Conrad Kruger van den Bergh (South Africa) plus one from Nishu Mathur (India) from Roy's wonderful library of work.
We look forward to the various takes inspired by your Muse
The Musketeers.

"Our Special Place" - was chosen by two of our good friends Rita Singh (India) & Conrad Kruger van den Bergh (South Africa)

"Things I Love" - as chosen by dear Nishu Mathur (India)

"Our Special Place" (by RDK)

It was here two souls embraced,
Long ere was changed Earth’s mortal clime,
Unknown to an uncaring world were we:
How pulses raced,
How swift flew time,
Youth’s innocence; devoid of subtlety.

Here today no hint remains
That erst this was our special place:
Year after year the seasons plague this spot.
On hedge-rowed lanes
Of us no trace,
Nor clue how feckless chance defined our lot.

Nonetheless, both Oak and Elm,
Conversing, through soft breezes blown,
May well relate, perchance to Butterflies,
“In this green realm
Love’s seed was sown,
Bequeathing a bouquet that never dies.” 


"Things I Love" (by RDK)

I love - the sound of summer rain upon a roof of tin.
The golden hues of falling leaves – when autumn days begin.
The wintry patterns Jack Frost paints across a windowpane.
The call of lambs, to mother Ewe, when spring comes round again.

I love- to sit beside a pond and watch ducks floating by,
Or stroll among tall forest pines – beneath a clear blue sky.
To hear the chimes of church bells calling worshipers to pray'r.
To ruminate (before log fire) in a rocking chair.

I love – to watch a kitten playing with a ball of wool,
Or placid cows (all chewing cud) with tummies nicely full,
Or puppy dogs – who chase their tails and try to lick my face,
And love the way birds soar aloft – with wondrous ease and grace.

I love – to see dawn's early light reflect on morning dew.
To look into a midday sky – with scudding cloud or two.
To watch as painted butterfly enjoys an afternoon,
Or gaze, with awe, as setting sun gives way to silver moon.

I love all Nature's innocence – in all her many forms
Untrammeled and devoid of any legislated 'norms'.
I love the lack of shame innate in all this Earth creates
And (no less) the naturalness of my inherent traits.

I look with scorn on prudery and arbitrary rules.
Am prone to deem pretentiousness – the intellect of fools!
For those who fault my hatreds – I don't give a tinker's damn
And claim my own penchants – as but a part of who I am.


Chosen 'Titles' posted thus far, are as follows:

"A Daddy's Love" (for Ralph, Son of Roy)
"I Walked A Path" (for Nancy & Denis)
"If ever I must sing" (for Betty)
"There is no you" (for Kenneth)
"Our Special Place" (for Rita & Conrad)
"Things I Love" (for Nishu)

Feel free to post your takes on any or all of the above.
Although being run as a tribute to 'Roy'
- Remember 'The Challenge' is open to everyone on VN and it's 'just for fun'

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