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This Is The BBC Home Service-"Battle Of Britain-Opening"

Target 1000 words.

Romans 5:3-5 More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

“This is the BBC home service. Here is the news. In the house of commons this-afternoon, the prime minister Mr Churchill said; ‘what General Weygand called the Battle of France, is over. The Battle of Britain is about to begin!’”

Statements to be used:

1. In the doorway stood a very familiar figure
2. Our neighbours will be the death of us
3. Over the years I’ve probably picked it up dozens of times, and probably put it back again too

I had the need to make haste and nose into patient folders now spread out upon every empty desk. Was it a current folder, non-current or perhaps deceased! An urgent move was frantically required so to have the stack of medical folders dealt with before further members of the squad began walking in over the line or otherwise, through the door. All went smoothly and in little time through no disturbance, all had been sorted back into strict numerical or alphabetical order and were now ready to be moved on so to be filed into the correct rack, within the correct bay of the correct department area.

Further members of staff were now walking in at the touch of the hour, each so to reach their desk within an open plan office so to be on alert for the enemy; further work. The warden was soon sitting at his desk and was in no time in discussion through dealing with phone call after phone call; “Fire away,” being his short statement of words, “pass onto me all demands and I shall pass them onto my workers.” All requests in no time were then being delivered on target down from the other end of the line as yet, further shots were heard being fired.

As action had commenced, in the doorway stood a very familiar figure. It was indeed the head of the campus who simply stood staring onto his team, or otherwise at that moment of time, his workforce now reaching the stage of getting into battle through physical action. Meanwhile, as he watched, it would have been through doubt, when he challenged his NHS squad and asked; “Do you know what to do with the lame ducks?” “Yes sir,” being the prompt and direct reply from his crew as they peered at him as if in astonishment. “Hurl them all into a divided dump of rising files so as for all history to be captured on 16mm reels of film, and once accepted, then to be distinctly destroyed by fire.”

All forms of general medical records having a red spine, it was now clear to observe, were piling up high next door within the management sector, where further members of the platoon were looking forward and waiting for the necessary attention now on close approach. The folders thrown in meanwhile were beginning to represent scenes of wartime equipment that, so it did appear through show of no response from the enemy, were no longer required. They had been forwarded under the title; ‘deceased,’ as each individual through notice of a dependable Consultant, within the folder had now made it known that the particular patient had either departed from the area, or else had passed away. Or as my Sarge would say, snuffed it!

Very unlikely we decided that the person or people who had now moved on so to be up within the blue, would be returning for war by flying in at a low altitude so to attend a further NHS health appointment. Even though their medical information was having to be kept close at hand for a further period of years in the form of film, before being totally destroyed by fire. Certain members of the squad accompanying the crew of workers it was notified, were having the need to keep a close watch upon the mob of management members for any sign, or otherwise signal of attack through outrage of their office being stacked as stated with so many; lame ducks.

Through the appearance of such a growing number of so many deceased folders within the management services, it now appeared as if they had been left within a scene of shambles as situations relating to those of such a battle over in France, were now clearly on view. A colour code by use of the spine of each folder was naturally, available to view. Each so to detect the specific subject on approach for war within. The colours we had the need to look into to, were red and blue.

“As we deliver yet more; our neighbours will be the death of us,” being the short statement of words now being brought forth between a fair number of the squad on patrol. One of them continued; “Can you guess the quality of state those metal filing frames are in these days? Those where we have the need to find space within.” He carried on; “It has been over a precious period of time, that folders within such large rooms, yet of such little space, have been becoming much too tightly jam-packed as further sheets of medical information are added to the folder of so many patients. Each piece unto the patient folder having yet a further appointment to attend. Floor to ceiling, route after route and track after track throughout, all to be kept under close observation whilst we remain on cautious alert. Can we face it much longer?”

He carried on; “That warden you know, it’s alright for some. He is always seated at his desk grabbing the telephone receiver when the phone apparatus itself is brought into use with a buzz. Further requests required and for some strange reason, he has always so much enjoyed behaving as a car park attendant, simply so to have the joy he told me, of lifting the automatic barrier onto the car park of the Hospital grounds. He must be a very talented guy. He said to me; ‘Over the years I’ve probably picked it up dozens of times, and probably put it back again too.’ He also stated of how he would have received such admiration from most motorists entering who would have brought in the word; ‘smashing!’ or otherwise the short statement of words; ‘thanks awfully old chap!’ However, I suppose, put it another way with what is being delivered unto the management sector at present in ways of terminated medical records, the battle of Britain is about to begin.”

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