Musketeers Tribute Challenge #100 (update) 2 more Poems from Roy's Library No's 7 & 8

a writing by Richard Gildea

Hello All,
Here we have two more "favourite" poems as chosen by our good friends Gail Kay (Australia) & Drsudarsan Prasad (India) from Roy's wonderful library of work.
We look forward to the various takes inspired by your Muse
The Musketeers. /|\

"A Clown's Sad Sonnet" - (Dear Gail's favourite)
Sad parting is the load that weighs me down;
A misery I wake unto each dawn;
For I, in this life’s circus, am the clown
Who outward laughs, whilst inward is forlorn.
Where e’er I go, o’er foreign lands and seas,
The moods I oft display are living lies,
With mind concealed, as if on a trapeze
My woe is borne aloft beyond surmise:
Estranged from thee, my life is but an act;
The days? Ringmasters with no heart or let!?
Thus are my heart and mind by torture racked,
As hour by hour I long for thee and fret:
Alas, I know I must this anguish bear
Until, forsooth, we are again a pair.

"TO ERR IS HUMAN, TO FORGIVE DIVINE" - (Our good friend Drsudarsan's favourite)

In gardens of his life, he practiced husbandry
But from ‘expected course’ he went awry;
He said: “If Clotho, Lachesis, have haunted me
They will do so until the day I die.”
In youth he sought to dwell in peaceful bower
Believing happiness would grace his plot;
Estranged from treasured buds ere they could flower
Remorse and sad regret is now his lot.
Blaming fortune, providence or destiny
Are not the thoughts that he would most prefer
But says: “I’d rather blossoms lost surrounded me;
Forgiveness obviating extraneare”.
Though wronged himself, he deemed: “all fault is mine!”
‘To err is human, to forgive divine’.

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