Musketeers Tribute Challenge #100 (update) - 2 more Poems from Roy's Library. No's 9 & 10

a writing by Richard Gildea

Hello All,
Here we have two more favourite poems as chosen by our good friends - Roche Rosos (Philippines) & John Starks (USA) from Roy's wonderful library of work.

We look forward to the various takes inspired by your Muse
The Musketeers. /|\


"WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN." (Roche's favourite)

If but once thou had defended
thine assent at break of day
That we twain be blissful blended
seeking not such tryst to stay
Or to me been beneficent
and mere whispered –‘I agree’ moo
‘Twould for me seemed cause sufficient
to have gladly taken thee.

If thou had but once requested
‘Come to me at break of day’
And I’d come (refreshed and rested)
to where thou (woke) waiting lay
Or in thy month’s fruitful season
thou had shewn desire for me
‘Twould have seemed e’en more good reason
to have gladly taken thee.

Had I heard but merest mention
(From thine lips) that thou felt need
For us- to each- be bliss’d extension
(Thine the goblet – Mine the mead)
Or if thou (e’er meek) had stayed
gladly to yield self to me
‘Twould time been (by me assayed)
to have gladly taken thee.

If through all mine hours of needing
thou one finger had employed
To beckon me (my hunger heeding)
and with courage thou’d me buoyed
Or if in the slightest measure
there’d been opportunity
‘Twould have been such wondrous pleasure
to have gladly taken thee.


"WE GAELIC FOLK" (John's favourite)

By mid-September will have dawned the time
For Scottish folk to make a telling choice;
About their current poverty and crime
To speak forth with one clear united voice:
Will “Wallace” crying “FREEDOM!” win the day?
Or is the "British Family" our shield?
Can Scotland (Independent) make its way?
And (without need for Claymores) play the field?
We Gaelic folk (including Manx) are proud;
Believing we can stand on our own feet;
To no one (feeling) our heads ought be bowed
With confidence we’re ready to compete!
Whichever way a Scot votes – ‘twill be true –
Their life’s way is praiseworthy – through and through!


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