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Working With Severe Bosses

A lot of us in the working world have more than likely had a tough or severe boss to work with. I’d like to define such folk as those who are hard to please, excessively critical, impatient, and—I must add—unappreciative. You may feel as though he or she is yes; micromanaging you…and it’s just uncomfortable. I can definitely touch and agree that working with such a severe boss is no bed of flowers.

Sometimes we just want to ditch everything we’ve learned from God and His Word and go off on our bosses, but how does that glorify God?

How are we, as God’s children, expected to respond to these toughies? Should we clap back or respond with grace?

Naturally for the answer, we turn to the book of James where from chapter 1 verse 5 we read; “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” And then from the book of 1 Peter chapter 2 verses 18-19 we read; “You who are slaves must submit to your masters with all respect. Do what they tell you—not only if they are kind and reasonable, but even if they are cruel. For God is pleased when, conscious of his will, you patiently endure unjust treatment.”

For the sake of the management sector; from Proverbs chapter 15 verse 1 we read; “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

It was the morning after the squad of workers had stood viewing the management sector within their office next door, we had decided by observation that from what we had observed, they must all be under such stress and strain. The worker themselves, being unable to read the minds of those under observation, yet what exactly was it that was going on amongst them?

Perhaps, the workers agreed, the BBC radio tunes such as the one they themselves had managed to relax to with grace; “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” was managing to fight its way through the solid brick walls of one open plan office and into another, where the sound was leading naturally, the management squad into a period of not only behaving as toughies, but also a state of mild gentleness. The tune and the alarm or put it more correctly, the spirit from within the bottles of Bells, had seen them all through and on into another world.

However, whilst enjoying such a time unto themselves through chit-chats, arguments and also having cigarettes and alcohol at hand both left and right, in ways of food there had not been a sausage in sight. It had been observed, they had switched off all technology equipment and telephones so as to prevent the next message of any alarm from fighting its way through. The squad of workers meanwhile had decided to leave them to find their own way home as they had left the building of the NHS on the hour before heavy war or fire was expected to break out.

The Director meantime had been informed of such behaviour and was soon in the progress of phoning through to his crew of supporters so to be at hand if required. He was greeted by that regular response as expected; “Pugh, Pugh, Barney, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub!” They gave their word stating that they would attend within their red vehicle. Each and every member of his Squad through rules and regulations, were to have all of the management member squad out of the building before a further storm forecast that afternoon, was to break through. What exactly came to pass none of the worker squad could say as they were all home and within their housing or dwelling place of rest over-night.

However, the birds with their morning chorus soon came to pass as also did the sun through signs of a glisten and glow throughout. The sky appeared a clear shade of that welcoming blue whilst from results of an night-time rainfall earlier, a rainbow of colours gleamed from specs of dew upon the leaves of a variety of summer shrubs and perennials. It was soon time meanwhile to set out for work so as to hopefully manage to assemble with the rest of the squad and make progress with further medical information required. Perhaps also find what it had been the management sector had been stirring up that previous afternoon.

Yet again after travelling through a still and quiet route along the pathway to the NHS, I was myself once more to be the first to arrive as I walked into an empty office. However, the office next door together with the title “lame ducks” upon it, stood silent and still also. I roamed in so to hopefully obtain an improved picture to that one all of the worker squad had left with the previous afternoon following such a storm from above.

There were plastic cups that had contained whiskey lying on their side upon all desk-tops, together with butt ends within ash trays also. Empty bottles meanwhile added to the build-up of what had been left behind. Down at ground level of the open plan management sector, lay scrap wrapping paper and notes. Fortunately, all of the deceased medical folders that had been sorted the previous day so as to prepare to enable us to move them on for further attention, still stood well on alert. All scenes of desks, tables and computers with their monitors and mouse stood as if desolate, abandoned and deserted. It was certainly noiseless as to how situations had been the previous afternoon, as during this early deliverance of day, I myself stood speechless. The scenes of such contemporary and modern technical equipment and telephones, showed no life. However, the “lame duck” sign upon the door as it had been named for the sake of all deceased medical patients folders, and the room within, unto myself was appearing to be a total wreck and as if all life from their positions and posts within, had now moved on.

Time was getting on and I had to be quick. It was then I came across what appeared to be a card. From what appeared on the front came the statement of word; “Do you remember, The Moon-Landings? Black and White Telly? When We All Lived In A Yellow Submarine? When England Was Good At Football? Hot Pants Were Hot? Knickerbocker Glories Were Cool? You do, then it is true. They don’t make them like they used to. Naturally and undoubtedly however, don’t leave it too late.”

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