the beginning

a writing by RENELLE R. TONGE

Long ago before the earth and planet were formed and the big bang made the university and there was nothing, nothing but Nevaeh and darkness. Nevaeh look a upon the empty and brought forth the first stars, along with that the big star she named the sun and she was happy for a thousand years. The stars and the sun lived in harmony with Nevaeh, they danced across the empty and they were happy, but soon Nevaeh grew tired and wanted more so she crashed a billion stars into each other and created a moon planet, the planet was made of pure light and was full of goodness, it glowed white and bloomed beautiful angelic lilies, the lily were full of magic and wonder. Nevaeh lived happy on the moon planet for a thousand more year and she was happy but she soon became bored again and decide to create animals and plants and a eco system and after she did she was so happy she lived another thousand years dancing and celebrating the life of the moon planet and she was happy… but she again soon became bored and wanted something more she wanted life to look like her to live with her and worship her on the moon planet so she came up with a plan, she created a recipe;
1. one-part angelic lily
2. one-part star
3. pinch of her essences
4. pure light from the sun/moon
5. wings from the her most beautiful majestic bird she created
She created the moon planet which she named heaven after her name and out of her recipe came angels, she looked a upon she offspring and she was happy.

By then the darkness found a way to become a form, but its form was dark and evil and corrupted. The darkness became jealous of what Nevaeh created because he could not create nor make, so he decided he wanted to poison heaven, he targeted the creators off spring, he had his eye on the creator first he decide to sneaking into the first created called Lilith’s chamber, the angel princess the first and the next in line to take over for the creator on the moon planet, but before she could the dark seduced her into falling in love with him, he consumed her and figured out that he could create by sleeping with her and she had his offspring’s along with other angels that he soon corrupted, Nevaeh learned of this and became worried because she could see that he had no light in him like her or her offspring, and learnt of his plan to corrupt and overthrow her take her essences and become her. So she decided to casted him out of heaven by split the moon planet into planets, creating the earth she casted him out locking him at the bottom of the earth and for balance she turned the moon planet into just a moon to rule above the earth and all the other planets, his rage turned into fury as he fell , but he soon discovered that the earth wasn’t like the moon that he could create there and so he created demons. Neveah saw this and didn’t like that he had this power, but she could change it all she could do was cast them out of earth and on to one of the other planets. The dark created demon to serve and worship him beneath the earth but he grew soon grew bored.
When the first angel heard of this she tried to retaliate against her mother, she formed a secret order called the order of the light. (The true children of Azrael) She stole some of the glowing lilies, use it to corrupt the kingdom, by casting a spell on the men angels making them greed and crave power. She created magic and chaos , she was about to kill her mother and consume her essences to take her crown when she was casted out by her mother, to walk the earth, she fell to earth pregnant and without angelic grace, her mother clipped her wings so she couldn’t fly back, she made sure she needed air to breathe and the space between heaven and earth had no air so she couldn’t come back, she cursed her walk the earth, to redeem herself her offspring’s had to spend their lives protecting the earth, she made sure her offspring’s were known as human because they had no angelic grace and was born on earth and there was rules to using magic on earth.
to be continue....

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