Rebecca Hart-Continues...

a writing by RENELLE R. TONGE

I began to speak softly and slowly as I widen my big hazel green eyes, I looked at Miss Lychee my lips whimpering as I pointed towards Cutler James and cried “He did Miss Lycheei!” Mr. James she said with the softest expression crossed her face, you need to apologize to Rebecca right now this instance young man! She cried sternly. But he stuttered Miss Lychee... “I did nothing of the sort!” She testified as she threw his head and pointed at me; she's lying! He protested. I attempted to look as innocent as possible, and he laughed in my mind. He did to Miss Lychee I protested back, I was playing on the swings and he comes up to me and push me I said as dramatically as possible, I was dead set on getting him in trouble.

Miss Lychee just looked down at both of us and smiled, now you two, I know you can work this out! Said sweetly. No! yelled I don't like, Rebecca! she interrupted we don't talk like that in this town all right her face went from outrage too sweet in a flash. Madness danced across my face as I try to compose myself, I let this go I thought but I will have my revenge. Yes, Miss Lychee I said trying to hold back the disdain I had for Cuttler James. Miss Lychee looked at both of us and said I think a little time spent together will make you guys perfectly peachy friends! ahhhooffffff! I groaned! There was no way in hell I was going to spend any time with Cuttler James, but I had already made a big scene about it and everybody was staring and Miss lychee wouldn't let up until I was standing side to side with Cuttler James next to a chalkboard with erasers, erasing white boards afterschool as I stood there I plotted my revenge in my head.

So yeah anyways I can be rather dramatic in ways that I shouldn't I struggle my whole life through school to try to fit in but it never seemed to go that way, and no doubt I had Cutler James my rival my archenemy whispering in my ear and making me more insecure about how perfectly on perfect I fit in to Peachy Ville. I used a sit there in the classroom and try to be a perfect porcelain doll like all the other little girls, as they looked at me weird I fidgeted in my seat trying to cross my legs as rage danced over my face and Cutter James laughing in the background at last I got my revenge on him but that's another story. It seems like everything always came so easy to everybody else which left me struggling in the background. It seemed at times like there was no one who I could talk return to so I buried myself in my mind and in books and in my dreams traveling getting in the way. At times it drove me mad so I tried the only thing that I could think of was to putting all my effort into fitting in! And so far, 15 years later at the age of 21 I think I have mastered it, the man oh boy is it boring!

Rebecca! My mom should be out of my thoughts, what do you have planned today? She asked curiously. Why I said irritated, me and my mom have never gotten along. I think it's because she can see that I am nothing like her picture-perfect model figure and she resents me for it and I think I resent her for it to. She ignored me and continued well there are some new neighbors moving in next door and I would like for you to go introduce yourself I heard they have a son about your age and if you're lucky... MOM! I said disgusted as I interrupted her… I'm not shopping for any guys most of all ones who just moved in next door. At least try to get to know him, her mother continues… All I'm saying honey is that I know you have a hard time making friends or getting boyfriends so I thought I would try to help you out. She said with a pleased look on her face. I buried my head in my half a grapefruit and begin to sip my tea again maybe I can hide in my mind while she speaks, just then Maliyah comes into the room. Would you like anything else Ms. Hart she asked pleasantly as she cleared the dishes from the table. At the same time the big clock in the hallway rang… reminding me that I was late for the charity meeting for the porcelain doll benefit, usually I tried not to be late but as part of my not being able to be perfect these were one of the things about me that unfortunately happened off. Aghhh! I scream, oh no I'm late I said loudly as I rushed from the table towards the door my mom looking disappointing as I grab my keys and said goodbye.

As I rushed out the door and walked to my car, I bumped into Dylan Peer the new next-door neighbor…

To be Continued...

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