(Musketeers Tribute Challenge) #100 - Update (2 more Poems from Roy's Library) No's 15 & 16

a writing by Richard Gildea

Hello All,
Two more Poems from our friend Roy's wonderful collection.
The first one "With Pen in Hand" was a particular favourite of my Noble Brother Athos (judging by his response).
It was also Roy's submission to dear Betty Janko's Challenge title

The second - My Poetry - is about a certain young lady who stole Roy's heart (so many Poems were penned in her memory by our friend).

We Musketeers wish to thank all who have engaged with our 'Tribute Challenge' thus far, either through submission, response or just in the reading of.
As ever we eagerly await your 'takes' on the above titles.
God Bless /|\

"With Pen in Hand" - No 15

Thoughts are, at best, but brief events,
Like leaves on rivers rushing by,
But worth far more through transience
Than scudding clouds in azure sky:
For nigh on ninety fleeting years,
Thoughts have my own mind’s zephyrs seemed,
As breezes bearing smiles or tears,
E’en drifting through things I have dreamed:
A poet (since eight years of age)
Each verse some of my thought displays,
While some are absent from each page,
For much one thinks a secret stays;
E’en so, what I must now admit
Must surely be (while I still live)
That notwithstanding hidden wit,
With pen in hand, my thoughts I give.


My Poetry - No 16

When ninety years shall all of you deface
How will those in the future ever know?
Unless my verses shall cut to the chase
Your beauty (when at twenty-four) to show!

For I have written much in praise of you
In poetry – from my heart’s memory
With tales (about we twain) which are all true
Of how your beauty long imprisoned me!

How sad - The day that you bid me goodbye
Thus - ending all I’d hoped would be for life
To say I did not care would be to lie
For I had dared to hope you’d be my wife!

Though pangs of cruel age may be the case
In sleep I oft imagine you are here
My poetry will nought of you deface:
Let my pen write of dreams that I hold dear.


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