Musketeers Challenge #100 (update) 2 more Poems from Roy's Library - No's 17 & 18

a writing by Richard Gildea

Hello All,
Here are 2 more Poems from Roy's wonderful library of work.
The first being chosen by our good friend Edorh Sunday (Nigeria) who has belatedly received the news of our friend's passing.
The second Poem is another indulgence from moi;
Roy once more in reflective mood (anticipating the end perhaps).
Another 10 days of our Tibute Challenge still to run.
It is 'The Musketeers' intention to post a total of 20 Poems in honour of our Liege Lord, so keep them coming.
God Bless /|\

"Compassion and Love" - (Edorh's choice) - No 17

Years of wishful thinking
Extract a heavy toll
Rendering impoverished
Body mind and soul
Disappointment's bitter gall
The price a dreamer pays
For pointless strivings
Empty faith
And blindly followed ways:

But - Years spent never yearning
Give hope no chance to fail
Devoid of expectations
Life's a barren trail
So even though trust when betrayed
Paves one's way with tears
Both love and friendship
Help to ease
Those wishful thinking years

The Ways I Trod" - (another favourite of mine) - No 18

Time will soon have passed away
For such a man as I have been
Whose life traversed a woe-strewn path
From pangs of birth to final scene
Who now in thrall to age reflects
On how it seems his lot was framed
When through youth's veins rash vigour coursed
As zealous dreams his mind inflamed
And hopeful trust in things Divine
(Inspired by faith more blind than true)
Did inward serve as stoic spur
Though list of failed endeavours grew:

Thus one more once intrepid soul
By fortune-ill nigh whittled bare
Stands on the threshold of demise
Beset by melancholy air
Encased in body weak and worn
And whispers (more to self than God)
“When hours for me have ceased to pass
I'll glad farewell the ways I trod”
Moreover just today I dreamed
(As if ‘twere proof I don’t belong
Within the realms of mortal time)
This afternoon all clocks went wrong.

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